About Brinsa

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Brinsa Ltd. is a young company created in the year 2004 by the only direct descendants in the activity of Mr Baltasar Fumagalli, who at the beginning of last century founded the firm B. Fumagalli & Co., which later became Fumagalli Metallurgic, Inc. Located in Caballito, this company has always been known to be the leader in the field, due to the excellent quality of its products and to constant technological innovation.




Moulded Smelting:nosotros brinsa 02

B. Fumagalli & Co. was the first foundry in the country devoted to the manufacturing of bronze pieces for industrial use, applying the traditional system of earth moulding.

Centrifugal Smelting:

During the 50s, already Fumagalli Metallurgic, Inc., it was the first to develop the centrifugal system in Argentina, with the guidance of Eng. Giuseppe Aversano, who shared all his knowledge, acquired in the most important foundries of the city of Milan, Italy.

Continuous Cast Smelting:

In the year 1998 the first Continuous Casting equipment in the country to smelt solid and hollow bronze bars was incorporated. This system has cutting edge technology and it was built by a European consortium.



Having always as its main objective the offer an excellent quality of product, currently the company has 8 ovens for your three sections of production, with a total installed capacity of 3 tons daily, and a staff of 25 people.