BRINSA Ltd. is directed by people from the 4th and 5th generation of foundrymen who, started by Don Baltasar Fumagalli, for over 100 years have widely proved their commitment to quality and technological innovation. For that reason the company has as its main objective to elaborate its products under quality norms, which will let it be internationally competitive. Consequently, the Board of Directors and the staff are committed in the implementation of an internal policy that guarantees quality, defined in the following objectives:


a) Satisfy customers’ expectations constantly.

b) Stablishing an organised system which coordinates and complements the tasks of each section of the company, linked directly or indirectly to the obtained quality, with the strategic aim of getting to a state of cero defects in its products.

c) Determining management procedures for all the operating functions, defining them clearly, as well as the interaction among the areas involved, so that each one can fulfill their task in order.



Within a global concept of quality, it is important to consider the lowest price. This means that, according to the quality of the product and the service given, our offer turns out to be the most economic one. The economy of a product is not only given by its price, but also by its relation cost/performance.


Measuring the performance is as important as evaluating its cost. Considering that within a productive process it is very hard to make a follow up of each of the elements used, we recommend taking into account the following:

  1.  When making a chemical analysis of the material, apart from the main elements it is fundamental to verify that the level of impurity is not higher than the indicated in the respective Norm.
  2. The highest price in material manufactured under strict quality controls is not very significant in the final price of the spare part when the costs of mechanizing and collocation (arming and disarming it) are included.
  3. The loss suffered by the premature wearing out of a spare part is irrecoverable.


Considering the great incidence of raw material in the cost of non-ferrous products, our company offers the possibility of an extra recovery over the scrap resulting of the machinery, which is valued for its higher price.